Delivering business benefits

All businesses are faced with additional projects to handle at some time, whether it is simply renewing bank facilities, or something much larger like an acquisition.  Getting it wrong can be disastrous. Getting it right can be easy - with the right help.

Nick did a fantastic job managing the post acquisition Finance, Legal and IT integration of the two businesses.
VIASYS Healthcare Inc

Profitability Solutions has extensive hands-on experience of successfully delivering real business benefits through a wide range and scale of financial projects, including:

  • Financial Modelling – creating a solid financial business model that can help you to plan for the future and support key decisions.
  • Business Planning – developing plans to set clear targets and drive action plans. Including Cash Flow Forecasts, Budgets, and Strategic Plans.
  • Generating Cash – implementing best practice to minimise your borrowing requirements.
  • Managing Performance – focussing your business on what's important
    with implementation of tools such as Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Scorecard.
  • IT System Implementation – support with system selection, internal process alignment, and successful implementation.
  • Business Acquisition & Disposals – full support including: developing financial projections, managing the due diligence process and post acquisition integration.

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